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80% of Japan Universities

Eye Both In-Person, Online Lessons

Tokyo, Sept. 15 (Jiji Press)--About 80 pct of universities and junior colleges in Japan plan to conduct both in-person and online lessons in the second semester of fiscal 2020 beginning this autumn, an education ministry survey showed Tuesday.
In light of novel coronavirus infection risks, only around 20 pct of surveyed schools said that all lessons will be done face-to-face.
Of the surveyed 1,003 public and private universities and junior colleges, 824 said that they will offer lessons both in-person and online while 173 said they will conduct all lessons face-to-face as usual. A public institution said that it will have all of its courses online.
Schools planning to implement both types of lessons were asked about the proportion of in-person lessons, and the most common answers were "30 pct" and "50 pct," cited by 207 schools each, followed by "80 pct or more," "20 pct or less" and "70 pct."
Many of the planned in-person courses will be laboratory lessons and small-scale seminars, according to the survey. Some schools said that both methods will be used in the same courses.