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Most Japanese private universities

considering measures

for virus-hit applicants

Some 80 percent of Japan’s 593 private universities will take special measures for applicants who were unable to take tests due to the coronavirus, it was learned Monday.

According to an education ministry survey, 54 schools will hold additional tests for affected applicants, while 332 will allow such applicants to shift to other tests already planned for later dates. Both measures will be adopted at 122 schools.

Meanwhile, 10 schools have no plan to take any special measures.

Many schools, such as Waseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University and Rikkyo University, will evaluate applicants based on their results in the new unified entrance exam to be introduced next year if they cannot take the tests administered by each school.

Keio University and 73 other schools said they are considering what measures to take.

Among Japan’s 82 national universities, 79, including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, will introduce makeup tests for their second-stage exams, while one school will allow affected applicants to take other tests already planned for a later date.

For the country’s 92 other public universities, 68 will adopt special measures while 21 are still considering their response.