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Japan University


by Ellie Bothwell from Times Higher Education

New table will focus on teaching and learning as well as student success

Times Higher Education will release a new ranking of the best universities in Japan based on their strengths in teaching and learning and their abilities to develop students’ skills.

The inaugural THE Japan University Ranking, produced in partnership with Japanese education company Benesse, will be published at 9.30am BST (5.30pm Tokyo) on 30 March at an event in Tokyo. Currently, 69 Japanese institutions are featured in the THE World University Rankings but the new Japan ranking will reveal the performance of many more universities.

It follows the success of the first The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Ranking, which was published in September and ranked more than 1,000 US universities and colleges.

Like the US ranking, the Japan table will focus on students and learning, rather than research.

The methodology will feature the same key four areas as the WSJ/THE ranking – resources, engagement, outcomes and diversity – but some of the metrics will be different to reflect Japan’s higher education system.

The performance indicators have been designed to answer the questions that matter most to students and their families, such as whether the university has sufficient resources to teach properly; whether students are taught to global standards and given an opportunity to develop their abilities; whether the university produces graduates that the market wants; and whether the institution has a good academic reputation.

The ranking will include the results of three surveys: the THE Academic Reputation Survey, which examines the universities with the best reputation for excellence in teaching; the High School Advisors Survey, which examines the universities that best develop students’ abilities; and the Employer Reputation Survey, which examines the universities that best produce graduates for the workplace.